Looking for the best pet grooming equipment to shop for? The pet grooming product market reached $9.9 billion in 2018 as it continues to grow each year. That is because more pet owners are understanding the need to regularly groom their pets. It’s not all about looks either. Grooming keeps your pet happy and healthy by removing knots and avoiding infections. Plus, you get to show your pet how much you care about them. If you can’t make it to the professional groomer then bring these 5 pet grooming tools into your home.

5 Great Pet Grooming Tools Used by Dog Grooming Professionals

1. Nail Grinder

Cutting your pet’s nail is rough and sometimes dangerous. If your pet moves suddenly you could cut too far and hit the quick, causing painful bleeding. Most groomers use nail grinders instead to avoid a liable pet groomer insurance claim if the pet needs medical attention from the nonstop bleeding. They safely and gradually file down pet’s nails without threatening the pet’s well being. Pets like it too because it avoids the snapping noise and feeling of nails breaking off. 

2. Electric Clippers

Pets with long hair can get quite hot during the warmer months. Relieving them of extra fur is a treat many pets happily except. Get professional-grade pet clippers made for an animal’s fur. These clippers tackle thick and matted fur and come in a range of depths so you can give your furry friend the mane they deserve. 

3. Grooming Table

For pets that need regular grooming like long-hair or curly-hair breeds, it might be a good idea to invest in a pet grooming table. Placing your pet up at arm’s length will be easier on your body and simpler to trim those hard to reach areas. It also keeps your pet secure with a grooming arm and loop leash as well as a slip-resistance grooved surface. Keep your supplies underneath the table in the built-in basket for quick access and convenient storage. 

4. Safety Sears

An essential item for any pet grooming kit is a simplistic safety sears. Clippers work well to remove large surface areas of hair but they might not get through some long, thick fur. Make clipping easier by first cutting stray hairs especially under the belly, around the ears, and on the tail. Scissors are also great for removing knots that can’t be brushed out. 

5. Slicker Brush or Grooming Gloves

In between major grooming, it is essential to regularly brush your pet to reduce shedding and keep your pet’s coat shinning. Brushing also promotes natural oil distribution, preventing dry skin. A slicker brush or pet grooming gloves are common tools that you will find at a groomers place of business. However, they aren’t just for professionals as they are gentle enough to use every day.

Finding the Best Pet Grooming Tools

The best brands are used by pet groomers so ask yours for what companies they recommend. Using off-brand or products that aren’t made for animals won’t get you the same results. Once you get all the pet grooming tools you need you might want to start your own pet grooming business. Contact us today to get all the insurance you need to get started.