What Do Our Pet Business Insurance Policies Cover? 

Pet Business insurance offers a combination of insurance plans for pet business owners. Each type of pet business will have different types of pet business insurance policies they will need. The most common factors include, how one operates the business, the number of employees working for a business, using a vehicle for business purposes, and working with animals. Here are some of the policies that we offer.

Common Pet Business Insurance Coverages

General Liability 

General liability is a must-have for all businesses. Basically, it protects you and your company from common lawsuits that may arise from everyday business activities.

More specifically, it will protect your business from property damage or bodily injuries resulting from your services. For example, it’ll cover you if the dog you were walking (as a dog walker) accidentally bit someone who walked past you. 

Commercial Auto

Do you drive your own vehicle for business purposes? If so, you’ll need commercial auto insurance.

Why? Because your personal auto insurance may not cover you if you get into an accident. If they decline your claim, you’ll have to pay for everything out of pocket.

With commercial auto insurance, however, everything will be covered. This makes it ideal for those who transport pets or those who have to get to clients’ homes.

Workers’ Compensation 

Workers’ compensation insurance is often mandatory not just for pet businesses, but for businesses in general. Put it simply, it protects employees who are injured while on the job.

For example, if a dog takes off in the middle of a dog training session and causes harm to an employee, the workers’ compensation will cover it.

Animal Bailee

Animal bailee is designed for those who temporarily take processions of other’s animals (e.g. pet groomers, pet-boarders). Basically, it’ll protect your business if the animal becomes ill, lost, or passes away while in your care.

Not only will the coverage help pay for medical bills and rewards, but it can also pay for costs related to lawsuits following such an incident.

BOP Insurance 

Business owner’s policy (BOP) insurance combines various coverages such as general and property liability into one package. Cost-wise, it’s typically offered at a lower rate than if the policies were purchased separately.

As for what it’ll cover, it’ll protect you against lawsuits related to pet injuries, property damage, and customer injuries. On top of that, it’ll safeguard your business against equipment damage, building damage, and other property damage.

Professional Liability 

Professional liability covers negligence related to professional services. It’s highly recommended if you provide advice or instruction to your clients about their pets.

That way, if anything happens from your professional actions or advice, you’ll be protected against claims or damage. For example, it’ll cover you if you recommend a dog food to a client and it ends up causing kidney problems in the dog.

Picking the Best Pet Business Insurance 

And there we have it—six of the best pet business insurance policies that all business owners should consider. Remember, you can never be too prepared when it comes to protecting your company. 

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