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Pet Business insurance is an insurance agency that looks to improve the insurance services of the pet business community. Our goal is to make sure business owners, employees and customers are properly informed about the different types of pet business insurance that is available to them and consult them on any policies they may have questions about. Unlike most insurance agencies, pet business insurance has agents who have been issuing pet business insurance policies for years. This ensures our clients will get the best possible coverage at the best price and completely understand the policies they have.

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Pet Business InsuranceInsurance Products

General Liability Insurance

Pet Business liability Insurance

Pet business general liability Insurance protects a business against liability claims for physical bodily injury and damage to property during business operations, the use of tools, products or completed services/operations and anything that happens on the premises. This policy also provides minimal coverage for advertising and personal injury. Most all general liability policies have limits of liability that vary for each amount of coverage on a policy.

Most pet business owners get a Business Owners Policy which is generally a combination or bundle of the most commonly needed types of insurance coverages in the pet business industry.

Business Owners Policy

  • General Liability
  • Professional Liability
  • Commercial Property 
  • Animal Bailee 
  • Business Income

By combining these five basic coverages that are important to virtually every small business, a BOP can save you money on insurance rates while protecting the pet services business you’ve worked hard to build



Commercial Auto Insurance

Commercial vehicle coverage explainednote

Do you use a vehicle to transport pets or pet products? Drive a vehicle to and from a client’s house? Use a vehicle as a pet taxi? Then you should have a Commercial Auto Policy. A Commercial Auto policy can offer higher limits than personal auto coverage and can cover the business and you personally as an additional insured. If your vehicle causes bodily injury or property damage to a third property which can be a person or vehicle, then this will be covered as well. Choosing the right limit can make a big difference because these accidents can sometimes end up costing a lot. Ask our agents about Physical Damage Coverage which is a first party coverage for your vehicle. This protects you from damage caused by wind, hail storms, hitting a deer, theft of the vehicle and Collision Coverage and would want repairs even though the accident was caused by you.

workers compensation insuranceWorkers Compensation Insurance

Coverage in case your employees get hurt

If an employee is injured while on the job, employers can be protected by carrying workers’ compensation coverage. It is common to get workers’ compensation coverage because general liability does not cover injuries happen to you, your employees or independent contractors while on the job. Injuries include a dog bite, occupational diseases caused by employment such as carpel tunnel or rabies and employer’s liability that is excluded from employment

A workers compensation policy includes coverage for:

  • Medical Bills 
  • Lost Wages due to being out of work for a significant period of time. 
  • Independent contractors can be covered as well depending on state 

Claims examples:

  • While playing with a client’s dogs, one of the dogs jumped on your employee and knocks her to the ground, causing injury to her shoulder and lower back. 
  • Kennel employee was bitten on the hand while trying to separate two dogs in a play group.
  • Employee slipped on wet floor and sprained ankle.
Animal Bailee Coverage

Business Income or Business Interruption

Business Income insurance which is also known as Business Interruption Insurance generally covers the income, or potential income lost when a business can run properly do to an accident. For example, If a business suffered loss of income due to an incident that caused property damage,this policy would cover the amount lost during the course of the repairs to the property or until work can be resumed as normal. Business insurance can also be known as business interruption insurance.

Animal Bailee Coverage

Animal Bailee Insurance, Care, Custody or Control claims are by far the most frequent type of claims that occur to pet sitters, dog walkers, pet trainers, and pet boarding and daycare owners. Click here for more info. Animal Bailee coverage can also be know as floaters insurance

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