Professional Liability

Professional Liability insurance helps protects you against any errors and omissions that relate to grooming operations. Mistakes can easily happen when dealing with energetic or nervous animals or pets. Lawsuits can even be filed against a pet business owner for failure of service to perform as intended. Having the proper coverage will protect you from all unforeseen incidents that may cause tremendous financial harm or even put you out of business.

Perofessional-Liability Insurance
Insurance Specialist for Your mobile pet grooming business

Professional Liability Claim Examples

  1. In the event of grooming ‘Show Dogs’ who do not win in competition and the owner wants to sue you because of your grooming capabilities and a loss of competition winnings, professional liability will protect you against this.
  2. It also helps protect your pet grooming vehicle and the equipment essential to running your business. This can also assist in the event someone were to break into your business vehicle or if it was damaged in an accident.
  3. When an animal is accidentally injured or lost, animal bailee coverage can help pay for different expenses, including: Veterinary bills or money spent on advertising and reward costs to search or find a pet.

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