Animal Bailee Coverage

Animal Bailee Coverage

Animal bailee coverage helps protect your business if an animal in your care suffers an injury, passes away, or disappears.

Ultimately animal bailee insurance coverage protects you, your business, and the animals you work within the event that you are held legally liable for injuries or
damages to an animal in your care, custody, or control.

In our standard mobile pet grooming insurance, we place great emphasis on the importance of animal bailee coverage in the standard business owner’s policy.

Animal Bailee Coverage

Animal Bailee Coverage Examples

Risk: If a dog accidentally slips, jumps or falls off a grooming table and needs to be transported to an immediate veterinary clinic.

Coverage: Provides protection for the transportation and the medical bills that may follow the medical procedure.

Risk: If a dog in your care clearly has to have a potty break, and escapes its leash while you are walking it then bolts for the road and cannot be found or worse is hit by a vehicle and seriously injured or deceased,

Coverage: The animal bailee coverage would play a major role in the actions potentially taken by the owner.

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