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Having kennel insurance is one of the most important things you need when you own a dog kennel business. Running a dog kennel involves more than playing with cute pups and dogs. You have a responsibility to your customers to keep their furry friends safe. Customers place a lot of trust in you when they bring you their pets, and it’s up to you to maintain that trust. 

Unfortunately, no matter how hard you try, there will be accidents when you run a dog kennel business. Not having dog kennel insurance coverage leaves you and your business very vulnerable. Animals are unpredictable. No matter how many precautions you take, there could be an accident. Part of being a responsible business owner is to have kennel insurance. 

Read on to learn why you need pet boarding insurance for your business and more important information. 

Most Local And State Regulations Require Kennel Insurance

Many local and state governments require dog kennel businesses to have insurance. Some areas require you to show proof of insurance before granting you a business license.  If your insurance lapses, you could face fines or closure!

During an inspection, one of the first things that an official will ask for is proof of insurance. You should always keep your documents on you. 

You should check with your local government to see what level of insurance they require. Much like other forms of insurance, some places require higher levels of coverage than others. Do you live somewhere that doesn’t require insurance? You should still get it for the reasons below. 

Customers Expect It You To Have Kennel insurance

Many people view their pets as an extended member of their family. Think of your pets. You would do anything to protect them, right? 

If you were looking for a dog kennel and found one with kennel insurance and one without, which would you choose? Most people are going to trust the business that’s covered. Not only does it show that the owner takes their responsibility seriously, but it also gives pet owners peace of mind. Put your insurance documents into a binder so that you can show potential customers who come to look at your kennel. 

If your area doesn’t require pet business insurance, going above and beyond the regulations will set your business apart. Kennel insurance does more than show customers that you care about their animals. It’s a great way to set your business apart. Make sure you list your insurance on your website in a place that’s visible to any visitors so that they know you’re serious about protecting their pets.  

Kennel Insurance Protects You In Cases Of Liability

As mentioned above, no matter how many safety precautions you take, there’s always a chance that something bad could happen. They could get into a fight during playtime, develop kennel cough, or eat something that they shouldn’t. A pet parent could still hold you liable for anything that occurs on your property, even if it isn’t your fault. 

There are several types of insurance for your business. 

  • General / Professional Insurance – This insurance protects you in the case of bodily insurance on your property. If someone slips in your kennel or an animal bites someone, this insurance will pay for their medical care. It will also protect you from lawsuits. 
  • Animal Bailee / Care, Custody, Control Insurance – This insurance protects you if an animal dies while at your kennel. Bailee insurance protects you from death resulting from disease, storms, fire, and things outside of your control, such as old age. It also pays for vet expenses and animals injured during transportation.
  • Commercial Property Insurance – If there is a fire, flood, storm, theft, or vandalism, this insurance will pay for the damages. 
  • Bonding – This type of insurance protects you if an employee steals money or damages your business, bonding will cover you. If an employee steals a pet, bonding will cover you as well. 
  • Workers Compensation – This insurance protects both you and your employees in the case of accidents, lost wages, and medical bills.
  • Commercial Auto Insurance – This insurance will protect your business if there are any accidents involving one of your work vehicles.  

How Much Does Kennel Insurance Cost? 

Like other forms of insurance, several factors go into pricing. 

The size of your business will play a role in determining your premiums. Larger businesses have more animals in their care, meaning that there are more opportunities for accidents. Thus, the larger your business is, the more you’ll pay in premiums. A smaller kennel could pay less depending on other factors.

New businesses tend to pay higher premiums because they don’t have a solid record of pet care. An experienced business will often pay less because insurance companies can look at their history and see the number of claims against them. A kennel that’s been open for a while and that doesn’t have a large number of claims against them provides less risk for insurers.

There are some things you can do to lower risks in your kennel, therefore lowering premiums in the future. Make sure you require vaccination paperwork for all animals that you keep to stop the spread of disease. You should also provide ample outdoor space and separate pets by size and temperament. Make sure you have enough staff to handle the number of animals in your care and that you train your staff on both animal care and emergency planning.

Insurance doesn’t cost as much as most people think, especially compared to the protection it provides. One lawsuit could put your kennel out of business if you aren’t insured, so why wouldn’t you protect yourself and your business? 

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